Your Banghoek Trustees

Note: Please direct all communications to the Trustees through our Managing Agents: Millwood & King Property Administrators. 1 Carnarvon Road Plumstead, Cape town, 7800. Attn Heather Starbuck 021 761 661


Rachel WeissPortfolio: Finance, Governance, Insurance, Flora / Nature Reserve Status. As a former doctor, trainer, and now academic at UCT, Rachel has experience in the leadership, management, and administrative skills required to serve the Body Corporate as a trustee. She has been a Banghoek trustee since 2020 and feels equally passionate about maintaining good governance and building a healthy, inclusive community. Rachel’s arrival in Banghoek has sparked off a Renaissance in the Valley. Her energy, enthusiasm, leadership skills, and extraordinary capacity for hard work have created a revival in Banghoek not seen in ten years. Banghoekians are lucky to have her as a trustee and chairman. She takes on a heavy portfolio.

• Lead annual budget development
• Ongoing oversight of expenses and income, lead approval of spend
• Present budget at AGM
• Explore and develop an income-generating plan
• Develop and track a 10-year maintenance plan

• Organize trustee meetings and draft minutes
• Prepare/collate annual report
• Oversee the online document archive (with Colleen Backstrom)
• Manage Review and update amendments of conduct and management rules
• CSOS compliance

Insurance (together with Managing Agent)
• Lead resolve of insurance deadlock
• Ensure evaluation of new builds
• Keep records of claims

Flora/nature reserve status
• Designated Reserve representative
• Manage annual alien vegetation removal as mandated


Colleen Backstrom • Portfolio: Communication, Biodiversity Catalogue. Online Archives, Colleen’s niche area is The Science Behind the Buying Brain. She is Director of Neuromarketing for her digital marketing agency. A Banghoekian since 1992, Colleen served as Chairman for 5 years and Trustee for 5 years over the period. Her love of the beauty and history of Banghoek makes sustainability and protection of the Valley’s resources, particularly water and fynbos, a priority focus. Also important to her is good governance and creating the softest footprint on Banghoek’s natural beauty – building and environment.

• Website: design and maintain, collect, and publish content
• Lead the scientific cataloging of Banghoek’s biodiversity in collaboration with Tony Robelo of Sanbi and the iNaturalist phone App
• Rock Art Management Plan; liaise with eCRAG, the eastern Cederberg Rock Art Group, Janette Deacon
• Newsletter: Compile and publish an annual online newsletter
• Create Banghoek’s online document archive (with Rachel Weiss)

Diane Brown • Portfolio: Meeting Chair, Treasurer, Roads. Diane works as a Project Manager and has many years of experience in this field. She has served as a trustee for approximately 10 years for other body corporates. Her insights and good people and financial management skills are most valuable in issues of compliance and good governance for Banghoek.
• Chair and time keep meetings
• Manage Banghoek’s financial assets and liabilities; treasury function
• Manage annual road maintenance

Jo-Anni Coetzee • Portfolio: Water & Fire. Jo-Anni describes herself as “first a wife to my husband, Kokkie Coetzee, and then Mother to our three children. Together we farm in Kapteinskloof.” Jo-Anni and Kokkie from Keurbos have over the years been the best possible neighbours, unstintingly providing help and advice from their deep family history and knowledge of our Valley. They have bought the farm section; the Body Corporate is delighted to have them on team Banghoek.

• Respond to and communicate re-water messages on the WhatsApp Group
• Oversee Reticulation Development & Management Plan

• Organise annual burn
• Liaise with Fire Protection Group
• Fire scaping planning/info

Ralph Jewson • Portfolio: Architecture & Construction. Ralph is a Sustainability Practitioner at a leading retailer, delivering on its commitment and other initiatives to mitigate environmental impact and climate change with international and local stakeholders. Ralph’s knowledge and experience are crucial to the Banghoek Body Corporate in its mission to protect and enhance Banghoek as one of the few remaining relatively pristine areas of fynbos left on the West Coast. Ralph will be working with Christa Badenhorst and Jacqui Perrin, architect, a Banghoekian with years of experience in Valley matters.

• Review the Building Code to align old/new and with conduct rules and maintenance plan
• Prepare information and architectural guidelines for new builds

• Address queries related to Building Code
• Receive and process applications for new builds or exterior alterations
• Manage queries relating to construction
• Manage Builders’ Code of Conduct

Isabelle WebbPortfolio: Security, Walking & Cycling Trails. Isabelle is a mindfulness and meditation teacher. She is a Hospice volunteer specialising in spiritual counselling and bereavement. As the leader of the Joined Hands group in False Bay, her expertise includes art therapy, yoga, deep listening, pain management, and laughter therapy. She holds a master’s degree in fine arts.

• Liaise with the security company
• Security planning

Walking & Cycling Trails
• Plan and develop new trails
• Manage the maintenance of existing

Fritz BackstromFritz has been involved with Banghoek since the 1980’s and served as trustee for Water/Reticulation, Fire (Greater Cederberg FPA member) as well as Treasurer until 2018.

• Finance trustee

Banghoek Private Nature Reserve