Ownership of the land

What is meant by “exclusive” use?

Under the Sectional Titles Act scheme, owners own only their registered footprint which may not be extended in any way*.  The rest of the entire Reserve, comprising all land, including the exclusive use areas of which the Farm is also one, represents common property, and is owned jointly by all members of the Body Corporate.  In other words, owners do not own the land of their exclusive use areas, but instead own only the right of exclusive use.  

The Conduct Rules govern what may or may not be done on each exclusive use area in the interests of all owners.

*Owners do not have a right to build any structure on his/her exclusive use area or to fence-off or gate-off their area.  To avoid picnickers coming off the through-road and starting picnic fires the BC voted, after a picnic braai fire incident, that chain gates be placed only on the roads that access the main dirt road.  All members may travel on all roads (a common key opens all chain locks) and members may also traverse all exclusive use areas, albeit with the respect for the privacy of the owner. 

Banghoek Private Nature Reserve