Farm & Reserve

The Banghoek valley is 2.6 km long and comprises some 1000 hectares of common property.  After allocation of the exclusive use areas, including the farm section, about 750 hectares remain for the enjoyment of all owners.  The Trustees, acting on behalf of the Body Corporate, have the responsibility to look after and maintain this area.

The Farm’s exclusive use area is operated as a normal farming operation but has rights and obligations as set down in the conduct rules.  These govern, inter alia, what type of farming may be undertaken.  Oranges are a seasonal valley crop as was in the past kiwi fruit during the kiwi fruit boom in South Africa, and also granadillas.  Eskom electricity is allowed on the farm section, but not on the Reserve.

Banghoek was rezoned from agricultural to “resort zoning 2” and in terms of this zoning, except for the farm section, no further agricultural farming is allowed.  This matter has been expressly emphasised by the West Coast District Council who approved the rezoning.

A major part of the Reserve forms part of the Cape Fynbos Biome still a pristine nature conservancy and long voted by members to remain without electricity to preserve the feeling of being in the bush.  The Reserve is home to a number of animals, mainly nocturnal.  Many birds are found, particularly around the stream area.  Banghoek has 6 water courses feeding into the stream which 3000 years ago was a wide sweeping river which carved out the Banghoek valley evidenced today by the white river sand and rounded rocks. The scale and depth of the old river can be judged by the water erosion cutting out the base of the big rock called Dassies Klip which is the marker for the sharp bend in the old 16th century road, still in use today, which takes you up the hill to Banghoek’s northern border.

Alien plants are a particular threat, and the introduction of alien and exotic plants is strictly forbidden in terms of the conduct rules.  We ask that all members to faithfully abide by this requirement. Let’s preserve Banghoek as a pristine and exemplary Fynbos Biome.  Note: On the farm section, there are several old alien trees such as oaks and gum trees which date back many years from the old homestead and these trees have been left intact.

If you find any alien plants, please remove them.  Poplar, Port Jackson, Black Wattle, Rooikrans are threats as they spread very quickly and choke the indigenous plants.  These alien plants are steadily making their way up the valley from outside the reserve and in recent years the poplars have become a choking menace.   Your Trustees have in 2019 started a programme to contain the spread of the poplar invasion into the reserve area.

Banghoek Private Nature Reserve